EBLA TABLETS PART ONE

This article begins a 4 part series on the discovery of the Ebla Tablets.  Though embroiled in controversy over how to decipher them, Christians need to be aware of them.  One can find a good study on this on the internet under the “Ebla Tablets Institute for Creation Research” done in June of 2016.  Ebla is a place not too far across the Red Sea from Egypt and close to Ur; the hometown of biblical Abraham.  The tablets record doing business often with Sodom and Gomorrah.  Understand, it was long taught that the five cities of the plain in Genesis 14 were all fictional, including Sodom and Gomorrah.  These tablets mention the “five cities of the plain”.   These are the first ancient tablets to mention Sodom and Gomorrah other than our Bible.  Many students in the last 150 years lost their faith in the Bible, believing Sodom, Gomorrah, and other people and places mentioned in our Bible were fictional.  Much has been discovered in the last fifty years to prove the professors wrong about hundreds of things once proposed fictional.  It was too late for those students who lost their faith, left the church, and died.  

 About 20,000 written tablets and pieces have been discovered and are being deciphered as I write, possibly having much proof for our Bible.  The tablets range in age from about 240 years after Noah would have landed on Mountains of Ararat and continue for another 2,000 years.  For 150 years, antagonists in schools of higher learning proposed that Moses couldn’t have written the first five books of the Bible because there was no ‘written’ language back then according to the ‘Documentary Hypothesis’; taught in nearly every university.  This destroyed the faith of many Christian students, specifically because Jesus said that if we cannot believe the ‘writings’ of Moses, then we won’t believe Jesus’ words either.  Students who were convinced Moses had no written language were suddenly faced with Jesus possibly being mistaken.  How could Jesus say Moses had a written language when their professors said he didn’t?  If the professors were right, then Jesus had to be wrong.  This, of course, meant that Jesus couldn’t be the Son of God.  However, these tablets describe how Ebla did ‘written’ business with EGYPT.  As a prince of Egypt, Moses had to know how to read these contracts.  He did have a written language, and writing has been around a lot longer than professors had taught.  Interestingly, many of the tablets are said to contain Hebrew words.  If this proves to be true, Hebrew may now be the oldest known language.  Did Noah and Adam speak Hebrew?  If so, could Hebrew be the language of God? 

The Institute for Creation Research study tells us that many names of people, places, and other things, only mentioned in our Bible and proposed by some to be fictional, are being found in these tablets.  This would prove Bible antagonists as being wrong about many things.  One tablet tells us that “EL is the Creator” of all things.  El, of course, references the name of the Hebrew God Elohim, which is mentioned in Genesis and refers to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Our Bible New Testament tells us that Jesus was the creator of all things.  As God, Jesus would be the singular of Elohim, which is El.  Another tablet says that “Adam was a man of God”.  The tablets also use “Adam-u” as their word for man!  Think of that.  Remember, these tablets date almost back to Creation.   Of course, there are those who do not believe in the existence of God or a Creator.  I believe that God created all things.  What does these tablets do to Evolutionists who believe Evolution and the Big Bang caused all creation, and that Adam and Eve were fictional?  This would show that we did not evolve slowly over millions of years, descending from monkeys.  This is part one in a series on these amazing tablets.  Read your paper for the rest.  The paper has me in every other week, now.  So, keep your articles together in order to get the full picture.  We are now on-line at evidenceforthehope.org.  Join us to learn more.


                                                   THE EBLA TABLETS PART TWO

This article is a second in a series on the discovery of the Ebla tablets, and what it means to those who believe in the Bible.  These 20,000 ancient clay tablets date from around 240 years after Noah would have landed on the mountains of Ararat and go on for another 2,000 years.  This puts the oldest tablets close to the time of Creation, Adam and Eve, and Noah.  Go on-line and look up ‘Ebla Tablets Institute for Creation Research’. The possible evidence for our Bible contained in these tablets is simply overwhelming, since many names and places mentioned in them had only appeared in our Bible up until this discovery, and were once taught by liberal antagonists as being fictional or just myths.  The Syrian government, for so-called “political purposes” has taken over deciphering these tablets.  I believe this goes much deeper, since that government is so prejudiced against Jews and Christians.  Many who do not believe the Bible have suggested other interpretations.  However, I trust the Institute for Creation Research and they side with the founders and first epigraphers.  I mentioned two special tablets in the last article.  One says the Hebrew God was “El the creator of all”, as in Elohim.  The second tells us that “Adam was a man of God”.  The tablets also use the word “adam-u” to define ‘man’. Consider when these tablets were first written; about fifteen generations after Adam and Eve would have lived.  This brings us back to just after Creation and right after Noah’s flood.

 Ebla had long been known in Sumerian, Akkadian, and Egyptian texts, but its location was not known until this generation.  Archaeologists knew they discovered Ebla when a partial bust of “King Ibbit-Lim of Ebla” was found in the ruins.  These tablets mention the royal archives, and archaeologists are hoping to find it.  If found, they may give us evidence for our Bible in its earliest records and beyond.  They’re very important in that they mention doing business all over the Near East, and there are lists of towns and cities from all over, including some first mentioned only in our Bible; such as Ashdod, Sidon, Sodom, Gomorrah, and others.   Antagonists had said that many of these places were fictional.  Not so. 

When these were first discovered, archaeologists found the Eblamites spoke an unknown Semitic language strewn with Hebrew words.  However, other tablets might show how to transcribe them into a known Sumerian script.  The tablets prove there was a written language and laws hundreds of years long before once believed.  One of the things taught in colleges and universities was that Moses did not write any civil or religious laws, since laws, as we know them, were not written until much later.  The Ebla Tablets contain many written laws long before Moses was born; similar to Moses’ laws.  The same people said Moses had no written language during his day.  However, Ebla did business with Egypt in writing.  Moses would have had to have known this written language, as a prince in Egypt, in order to do business with the Eblamites.  Moses was a Hebrew, and this written language was peppered with Hebrew words.   

 As I mentioned, some names in the tablets could have come straight out of our Bible; names like Michael (as in the archangel), which is pronounced “Mi-ki-lu” which transcribes into the Hebrew “Who is like God”.  Is it possible that the Eblamites knew of Michael the archangel?  Another pronouncement of Michael was found, “Mi-ka-ya”.  Ya was said to be Yahweh of the Bible.  Other words are very similar to the Hebrew; “to write” is the same as written in Hebrew, King is pronounced “Malikum; in Hebrew it is “Malik”.  Other names found were David, Saul, Ishmael, Esau, and many other Hebrew names found in our Bible.  Unfortunately, these are in Syria, which supports Isis, and things are on hold. I’ll be sharing more as we go along on this series on the Ebla Tablets discovery.  We are now on-line at evidenceforthehope.org    Won’t you join us? 


                                                       THE EBLA TABLETS PART THREE

This is part three of a four-part series on the discoveries being made for our Bible in the Ebla Tablets.  These tablets began to be written about 240 years after Noah landed his Ark on Mt. Ararat, and continue on for another 2,000 years.  I’ve already shared how they mention that “Adam is a man of God”, “El (God) is the creator of all”, and they may reference ‘Yahweh’, a Hebrew name for God.  They also mention names and places found in our Bible; bearing proof these people and places did exist; in contrast to what has been taught in colleges and universities over the last 150 years about them being fictional.  Millions of Christian students lost their faith due to this ‘supposed’ lack of evidence; the lack of evidence being the antagonist’s only proof of their non-existence. The antagonists were wrong.

 20,000 tablets have been discovered so far, with most still having to be deciphered.  This huge number of written tablets is four times the number of all the other known tablet discoveries combined.  Many things, once only found in our Bible, are possibly being verified by the Ebla discovery.  Evolution had our students believe that Adam and Eve were not real people, and that God did not create man; proposing man evolved from monkeys.  This ‘theory’ destroyed the faith of many.  However, the name for man in the Ebla Tablets is said to be adam-u, and I already mentioned that the tablets tell us that “Adam” was “a man of God”, and that “God is the Creator”.  Think of what this does to the Theory of Evolution proposing that God did not create Adam as man.  Hebrew just might be the oldest known language for man, since many names, places, and other things mentioned in the tablets could have come straight from the Hebrew Old Testament.  Is it possible that Adam and Eve learned Hebrew from God?  Is Hebrew the language of God?  The five cities of the plain found in Genesis 14, all of which were once taught to be fictional, are said to be mentioned.  Sodom and Gomorrah was two of those cities, and the interpreters of the tablets tell us that Ebla did business regularly with these places. 

The word for the male elders of the city is “Abbu”; which is very close to the Hebrew word for father; ‘Abba’.  Another word for God is “Ya”.  This may reference the Hebrew word for God; “Yahweh”.  For example; the discoverers of the tablets tell us that “mi-ka-ya” translates into “who is like Yahweh”, “Enna-ni-ya” translates into “Yahweh has mercy on me”, “Re-in-adad” translates into “God is our shepherd”.  The last one is very similar to Psalm 23 of our Bible, which says “The Lord is my shepherd”.  The Eblamites speak of the land of Canaan hundreds of years before archaeologists had once believed it had existed.  They also mention the cities of “Salim” and “Urusalima” (Jerusalem) as being two separate places.  It has long been held by many that these two were actually the same place; not so.  This is important in that Melchizedec from Salem in our Genesis chapter 14, said to be a “priest of the most high God”, seems to appear out of nowhere and blesses Abraham.  His name is actually two Hebrew words; ‘melek’ which means king, and ‘tsedeq’ which means righteous.  Thus, he was the righteous king of Salem (peace).  He was a forerunner of Jesus who is the king of peace.  To find out that Salem was a well-known place would be awesome evidence for this Bible passage.  Jesus is said to be “a priest forever after the order of Melchizedec” in Psalm 110.  The tablets mention “Dagon of Canaan”; our Bible does the same.  The pagan god Chemosh is mentioned in our Bible. Chemosh is mentioned in the tablets.  Many other pagan gods, once thought to have been made up by the Hebrews in our Bible were found, such as Baal and others.  One tablet has the story of Creation, very similar to what is in our Bible.  The discovery of these tablets is probably the most amazing find ever discovered for the Bible, taking us back nearly to the time of Creation.  Sadly, these tablets belong to a land (Syria) surrounded by those who wish to dispel any reference to our Bible, and transcription has had to stop.  Go to our website at evidenceforthehope.org to learn more. 


                                                               EBLA TABLETS PART FOUR

This is a fourth, and last, in a series of articles on the discovery of the Ebla tablets.  The Professor Paolo Matthiae of the Rome University had been digging in an unknown lost city for nearly ten years when he discovered a bust of a statue of King Ibbit-Lim of Ebla, a known figure in very ancient history.  It was then that the archaeologists realized what city they had uncovered: Ebla.  Ebla is not too far from the city of Ur where Abraham was from according to our Bible.  Professor Giovanni Pettinato, also from Rome University, was the epigrapher.  Epigraphy is the study of ancient inscriptions and writings, translating them into understandable modern writings.  It is considered a very specialized science, demanding many years of study in order to become an epigrapher. 

The discovery sent shockwaves through the world, since the writings are now the oldest known to man, going back nearly to the time of Noah of Bible fame.  The Institute for Creation Research says “The new findings at Ebla are possibly the most significant discovery yet made so far as they relate to the background of early Bible times.  The impact on some areas of biblical knowledge will indeed be startling.”  Until the relationship with the Bible was drawn, other archaeologists were content with the discovery.  Once the 20,000 tablets (more than four times the amount of all other discovered ancient tablets) were found to have a relationship with Adam and Eve, God as Creator, mentions of Abram, Terah, and Haran (Abram was later renamed Abraham…his father was Terah, his brother was Haran), a song indicating creation by God (eerily familiar with our story in Genesis), and many names of places and people mentioned only in our Bible, the whole story began to change and be challenged.  Others began to claim that the tablets didn’t say what the epigrapher was indicating.  This is not an uncommon practice for those who do not believe there is a God, much less believe anything in the Bible to be real.  The debate was cut short by the Syrian government, and Ebla archaeologist are now restricted to only reporting on the everyday common things; leaving God and the Bible out of the picture.  This is also not that uncommon in a place where Isis is heavily supported.  Isis, of course, wants to kill all Jews and Christians, and remove the Bible and the Torah from the Earth. 

                It was once taught in universities around the world that the Bible mentioning the land of the Hittites was ridiculous since no records of such a place had ever been discovered.  Archaeology has proven the professors very wrong in numerous discoveries.  Sadly, many past Christian students left the faith over things like this.  Our Bible was absolutely right about the Hittites.  The Ebla tablets are just another confirmation of the Hittite nation and contain the very first mention of that place.  This is important in that Hittites are mentioned in hundreds of places in the Bible: David’s friend Uriah was a Hittite, Heth was the great-grandson of Noah and founder of the Hittite nation according to the Bible, Abraham bought a cave from Ephron the Hittite, God told Joshua that “…all the land of the Hittites…shall be your border”, and many more mentions such as this were discarded as being pure fiction by liberal professors.  Only about a thousand of these tablets were transcribed before the Syrian government took control of them.  Can you imagine what else lays hidden that might speak of how God created the Earth, how Adam and Eve sinned, how many places and people of the Bible would be confirmed.  I believe that God is hiding this information for a short period of time, until His son is ready to return.  Won’t you join us at evidenceforthehope.org and support our Ministry?  Keep reading my articles and listen for me on radio in four states.

R124 RATS, BATS AND SCIENCE STATS I recently read an article on bats. Evolutionists have longed claimed that bats evolved from rats. There have been thousands of very old fossils of bats found in geologic strata. One is said to be over fifty-two million years old. However, it’s identical to today’s bats. It shows no evolution at all. A rat fossil was discovered to be that exact same age. Go figure. It showed no sign of becoming a bat. None of those bat fossils show a transition from a rat to a bat. All the oldest rat fossils look like today’s rats and all the oldest bat fossils look like today’s bats. One would think that somewhere along the way we’d find a rat turning into a bat fossil. No such luck for those who believe evolution to be a viable theory. Out of the billions of creature fossils now discovered, not one shows a transition from one kind of animal to another. Evolution maintains that all things transitioned from one kind to another. Where’s the evidence in the fossil record? Not finding any evidence of transition from one kind to another should be a good clue that no transition ever took place. Shouldn’t it? In other words, not finding transitional fossils should tell us there’s been no evolution. The oldest rat fossil is said to be 125 million years old. It was discovered with soft tissues still intact; such as earlobes, lungs, kidneys and fur. Things like soft tissues have been proven, by science itself, not to last more than 10,000 years. They rot. How could something be dated at 125 million years old and not have the soft tissue decompose? Things like soft tissues now being found in dinosaurs are causing quite a headache for those who believe in the evolution of species. Soft tissue discoveries are showing that fossils have been over-dated quite considerably, according to Harvard University and others. In other words, dinosaur fossils are indicating they’re not hundreds of millions of years old but just thousands. Is it possible that the Bible was right about God creating all things, just as they are, about 8,000 years ago? It sure appears like that is the case, according to what is being discovered in science research labs. I’ve written on characteristics of bats before in my newspaper articles. Here’s something else to consider. Bats are blind and hunt with “sound”. They use sonar to determine their surroundings and where their food is. They send out ear-piercing signals that bounce off their surroundings. Those signals are immediately picked up by the bat again. Here’s what had evolutionists confused: why doesn’t the ear-piercing signal deafen the bat? If deafened, it would soon die of starvation or by running into things, since it can’t see, and depends on the signals to guide it. A bat can build a picture of its complete surroundings using this signal. This mental image is better than a human’s visual images. Bats fly around obstacles with ease in the blackest nights. They can even tell what kind of bug they’re chasing. The reason they’re not deafened by their own ear-piercing signals is that God has provided them with a tiny muscle on their hearing bone that opens and closes the ear drum. It closes when the ear-piecing sonar is first emitted and opens when the returning “safe” signal returns. This happens about ten times per second. Without this muscle, they’d soon be deaf and defenseless. Evolutionists tell us that all things have evolved due to “beneficial mutations of the genes”. Question: How did a rat evolve into a bat by way of “beneficial mutations” over time? How is blindness “beneficial”? Did the half rat/half bat go blind before or after it developed the much-needed sonar? It appears to me that everything had to have been in place in the beginning. I have a second question. Why would a rat evolve into a bat in the first place? Shouldn’t we see rats evolving into bats today? How did a rat learn to fly…and couldn’t it have done a better job of developing a hunting strategy, rather than flying blind and sending off sonar signals? Bats send out about 100,000 vibrations per minute. Yet, each bat hears its own signals. Explain that if evolution is real. Look for us at evidenceforthehope.org or Evidence for the Hope Ministries. Have a nice day.

1 123 DID GOD KNOW THAT It amazes me how the Bible describes things that will happen in the future, especially when you’re alive when those things take place. For example; the Bible speaks of Israel being a nation again in the last days. Many found this absurd since Israel hadn’t been a nation since 70 A.D. Israel had ceased being a nation for 1,878 years! Scoffers ridiculed the idea. I wonder what they thought when Israel became a nation again in 1947? No other nation has ever done this. Yet, the Bible declared it was going to happen. I was born in 1947, and feel a special relationship to that event. I know God’s called me to this specialized ‘evidence’ ministry. God’s calling many into various last days ministries. The Bible also predicted that mankind would one day reject God’s creation story in Genesis, implanting worldly alternative stories in its place. I, of course, am speaking of Evolution and the Big Bang theory. Let me share some scriptures first. 2 Peter 3: 3-6 says, “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water…” “The heavens were of old”, and “the earth standing out of the water and in the water” references God as Creator. The Big Bang theory states that when the earth was created by the big bang, there was no water here at all. All our water, they say, came from a comet. According to the Bible, these believers of the Big Bang theory were spoken of in 2nd Peter 3. They scoffed at the idea of water always being on the earth. However, it has now been proven, by scientists themselves, that the water on comets has way too much deuterium to be earth’s water. The European Space Agency’s Rosetta Satellite confirmed this recently, much to their chagrin. It left Big Bang theorists in shock. They had sent that satellite up to prove their Big Bang theory, only to disprove it. That was bad news for the scoffers, but nice for the believers in God’s Word. Just after the Rosetta Satellite fiasco, the U.S.A. Today newspaper ran an article (June 4, 2014) saying that enough water had been discovered 400 miles below the earth that, if let loose, could easily cover the highest mountains. The Big Bang theory was dealt a blow concerning no water being here in the beginning by this amazing discovery. A third research project was supposed to show microwave shadows from the initial (Big Bang) blast but showed none. It was a major failure for Big Bang theorists again. It wasn’t an easy pill to swallow; finding the Bible was right all along about the waters of the great deep being real, earth’s water not coming from a comet, and no microwave shadows proving the Big Bang. I have to give credit to the discoverers of water deep in the earth, though. They quickly admitted the Big Bang was a failed theory; stating earth’s water has been here all along. Wow! What an admission for Big Bang believers! They acknowledged they’d been wrong all along. In many places, the Bible tells us that there was water here in the beginning….and it didn’t come from some imaginary comet. The third chapter of second Peter speaks about the last days of mankind on earth before the second arrival of Jesus, the destruction of this old earth, and the creation of a new heaven and earth. Verses twelve to thirteen say, “Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat…nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” God promised that when these “scoffers” offer their theories, that we are to look to the heavens for the second coming of Jesus. There will be a new heaven and earth, and only believers can be a part of that. Fortunately, the Christian believers will be taken in the Rapture before the fireworks begin. The things that science is now discovering gives me utter confidence in my Bible having been right all along. Look for us at evidenceforthehope.org or Evidence for the Hope Ministries. Have a nice day. 23 DID GOD KNOW THAT




In my travels, I sometimes come across Christians who say that they believe in Evolution and can’t see why it makes any difference to not believe in Creation as found in the Bible. I first ask where the word ‘Christian’ comes from. Of course, they answer that it refers to Jesus Christ. I then ask if they believe the words of Jesus and his Apostles/Disciples in the Bible and they almost always say they do. Usually, these people say that the story of creation in Genesis doesn’t necessarily mean six literal days; that it could have been billions of years of creation via Evolution; meaning billions of years between each day. I often wonder how they came to the conclusion that the WORD OF GOD doesn’t mean six literal days for God to create all things. At that point I have to ask if the Bible is inspired or not by God. Invariably they say the Bible is the inspired Word of God. I shake my head in confusion at this point. Let’s look at some of what Jesus, the person that Christianity is named after, has to say about Creation. Jesus often refers to the Scriptures as being infallible (incapable of making mistakes or being wrong).  He often says, “It is written…” before answering a question or giving a lesson. Meaning, of course, that it is written in the Old Testament. He relied completely on the Word of God being without mistakes.  He also often said “Have you not read…”. This again refers someone to the Old Testament; the New Testament not having been written yet.  He often did this before proceeding.  In John 10:25 He says, “Scripture cannot be broken”, meaning the scriptures are completely accurate, and we can’t pick and choose what we want to believe.  At this point I usually give some scriptures concerning what Jesus had to say about the creation story in Genesis.  Such as; Matthew 19:4-6 which says, “Have you not read that He who created from the beginning made them male and female…”  He is referring to Adam and Eve, humans, and not to some dead pile of goo coming to life or monkeys.  Again, in Mark 10:5-9, He says, “But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.”  Evolutionist state that humans were not here in the beginning, arriving billions of years after the “Big Bang” created the Earth, eliminating God as Creator.  Secular science recently completed three different research projects proving the Big Bang as a failed theory. These projects were supposed to prove it, but did the opposite. Jesus says mankind was here from the very beginning, and very much believed what Moses wrote about creation in Genesis.  In John 5:46-47, Jesus says, “For had you believed Moses, you would have believed me.  For he wrote of me.  For if you believe not his writings, how then shall you believe my words?”  Jesus had complete and utter trust in the writings of Moses, including all of Genesis and the creation story. This is a very tough scripture for an evolutionary “Christian” to bypass. The only way around it is to simply ignore it.  It says what it means and means what it says.  Jesus taught the following were real: 1) Cain slew Abel (not two monkeys), in the beginning (Luke 11:51, 2), Noah’s ark and flood (Matthew 24 and Luke 17), and other things in Genesis as being true.  In John 1:1 we find, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by Him, and without Him was any thing made that was made.” Notice He didn’t say they evolved slowly over time. John then explains that the Word became flesh and dwelt with man.  Notice “In the beginning” and “The same was in the beginning…”  Evolutionists say there was nothing in the beginning, according to the Big Bang theory.  Jesus wasn’t here, according to them. Colossians 1:16 also says that all things were made by Jesus.  How does one get around these scriptures without believing Jesus was either a liar or a lunatic?  Why call oneself a Christian if they can’t believe Christ’s words?  Jesus said that if one cannot believe the writings of Moses then they can’t believe His words either. He totally confirms Creation, not Evolution. I have exciting news; my first book has been edited by my publisher. It is the first in a trilogy of all the things I’ve researched in the last 45 years. It should be out soon. Please tell your friends to look for it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other book sources. I’ll keep you in touch.




Sometimes, when I preach or teach at churches, I’m told by some that they really don’t need to hear about the discoveries that I use to help build the faith of others.  They say, “I believe the Bible to be the very Word of God and I need no proof to show that it’s accurate.  I’m saved and know that I’m going to Heaven.  I accept the Bible in its entirety and don’t need a single reason to learn any proofs for it.”  This is mostly a selfish argument made without forethought. I calmly ask, “Do you have any unsaved loved ones, co-workers or neighbors”? The story then progresses to how they’ve simply given up on trying to lead ‘so-and-so’ to the Lord and have obeyed the Bible where it says to wipe their feet and move on when one doesn’t want to hear what they have to say. They sometimes continue as to how they obey the Bible where it says to not cast their pearls before swine. I then urge them to learn the discoveries that God is providing for us, not so much for the saved, but for others. Of course, these discoveries are also faith-builders for the saved. After all, there are plenty of people who don’t have the faith to believe the Bible to be accurate; especially when there are millions who ridicule anything in the Bible and are willing to share their disbeliefs with those of lesser faith.  Evolution, beliefs in how aliens brought life to earth, and more are constantly available on the television or internet.  This leads to confusion for those who don’t bother studying how to prove their Bible right. I have to wonder just what these Christians have been sharing with folks. Generally, I find that they use inaccurate information when using scriptures or they tell others how they’re going to go to Hell if they don’t straighten up. I utterly cringe at the thought of this type of ‘witnessing’. My point of sharing things, that helps build faith in God and the Bible, is to help others see that the Bible can be trusted entirely. Over the last 150 years, liberal educators, atheists and others have taught that most of the things in the Bible are untrue, allegories, or myths. The very things that have been taught about people, places and events in the Bible being untrue are now being discovered to have been absolutely true, by archaeological finds, ancient papyrus records, and other sources. So much so, that it’s now totally overwhelming. One can no longer say the Bible’s an unreliable historical record or mainly fictional. Too much has been found to prove otherwise. There’s no part of the Bible where we cannot point to finds proving many things in it to be correct.  This includes proving Goliath a giant in Canaan, as proved by the 3,300 year-old Egyptian Anastasi Papyrus and the Egyptian Ramses II wall relief (a stone picture of the Sashu giants in Canaanite mountains passes during the days of Joshua and David).  We can not only prove King David lived, but prove him a king over a dual monarchy; Israel and Judah.  We can prove Goliath lived in Gath (a place antagonists said never existed). Gath was found in 2015, as was pottery with Goliath’s name on it. Gath had been burned and abandoned during the days of David. Some antagonists taught that David was a fictional character devised by the Hebrews to make Jesus look like a descendant. They impugned that David was never a king over Israel and Judah (a dual monarchy).  We’ve since found both of his palaces. One in Jerusalem and one in the Valley of Elah in 2016 (where David slew Goliath!). There’ve been over 6,500 archaeological discoveries proving one thing or another in the Bible correct! My faith is astronomically high due to these discoveries!  I was once an atheist who did not believe the Bible. A knowledgeable person led me to salvation. This is why I teach.  There are too many who are as ignorant of the facts as I was. I want others to have the opportunity to examine the evidence. Facts build faith and faith leads us to share that faith with utter confidence. Those who say they’re saved and have no need of proof are limiting their abilities to build faith in others and lead them to Christ. How can they fulfill the great commission if they’re ignorant of the truths that God’s obviously providing for us?  Hosea 4:6. tells us we’re destroyed for lack of knowledge. The very first piece of armor of God, that Paul tells us to put on in Ephesians 6:14, is the belt of truth. If the truth sets us free, what does the untruth do?




Here’s an interesting puzzle for you.  Australia was first discovered by the Dutch in 1606 and Europeans in 1770 and found what they thought were a ‘prehistoric people group they believed were not too far removed from ignorant cavemen.  Darwin felt these natives were lesser “evolved” and proof for his ‘Theory of Evolution’, believing they evolved later than others.  However, European astronomers soon learned that these people had a story about the heavens that matched one of their own stories.  They were totally baffled.  It concerned the constellation Orion and a cluster of stars called the Pleiades (also called the Seven Sisters).  Now, Orion and the Seven Sisters are nothing but stars and don’t resemble humans in any way; they simply look like stars.  The Greeks believed Orion was a group of hunters chasing after Pleiades (the Seven Sisters).  The ancient Greeks were considered to be a highly advanced civilization. A great contrast to aborigines supposedly recently evolving from monkeys. The Aborigines had the exact same story; a group of hunters chasing seven sisters.  How could this be the astronomers wondered?  This story had been around for as long as the Europeans had kept records.  Since Australia had not been discovered by Europeans until 1770, and the aboriginals had the same story for as long as they could remember, how could it be possible for both to have the same story?  The story became even more compounded when Europeans discovered that Ukrainian folklore also had the story of Orion hunters chasing Seven Sisters!  Once again, when South America was discovered in 1492, and Guatemala was finally reached, Mayan writings told the story of Orion (hunters) chasing Pleiades (Seven Sisters).  When North America was finally explored to the west, they reached what is called ‘Devil’s Tower’ in 1875.  It’s 900 feet tall.  Others later found that American Indians from Texas to Canada came to this place to worship.  Twenty-four Indian tribes were eventually found with the same story concerning ‘Devil’s Tower…and the Seven Sisters.  The story says that seven sisters were out picking berries when they were chased by a bear.  They ran to a small outcropping and prayed for God to help them not be eaten.  As they prayed, the ground began rising until the tower was 900 feet from the ground.  Realizing they were trapped on top of the tower, the girls asked for God’s help.  He took pity on them and lifted them to the stars, where they eventually became Pleiades, the Seven Sisters (eventually chased by the hunters of Orion).  It appears many continents had a ‘Seven Sisters’ story.  How’s that possible, evolutionists wondered, if man never had a time when everyone spoke the same language and were capable of sharing the story?  Also, man supposedly evolved about a million years ago, and the continents (supposedly) separated before monkeys became man.  Monkeys couldn’t have shared the story of Orion and the Seven Sisters.  There’s one more problem; only six of the seven stars in the Seven Sisters are visible to the naked eye.  How did ancients know there was a seventh star!?  One needs a telescope to see the seventh star!  The answer comes from the Bible in chapter eleven of Genesis.  As one reads, they’ll see that there WAS once a time when all men spoke the same language and could have passed down the tradition of Orion and the Seven Sisters before we dispersed at the Tower of Babel.  God had ordered man to disperse into all the world.  They refused and built the tower of Babel.  Remember, the people at the Tower of Babel were said to be astrologers and star gazers.  God then came down and confused their languages. They couldn’t understand each other, but would have remembered stories like Orion and the Seven Sisters.  Also, God is said to have named every star and, it’s thought, to have shared that information with Adam and Eve.  They would have known there were hunters and seven stars and passed that knowledge along.  It all begins to make sense, reading the story in the Bible.  Notice that dispersion happened thousands, not millions of years ago (as suggested by evolutionists).  Don’t dismiss Bible stories.  If you’d like to hear some of my sermons, go to YouTube at “Biblical Archaeology/Creation Science, David Brown.  Have a good day.




Isaiah 45:18 says “For thus says the Lord, who created the heavens, who is God, who formed the earth and made it, who has established it, who did not create it in vain, who formed it to be inhabited: “I am the Lord, and there is no other.”  When God created the heavens and the earth, He created our magnetic field around the earth.  This magnetic field shelters us from cosmic rays, solar winds, and the ejections of gases and magnetic impulses from our Sun.  Without our magnetic shield around us, life could not exist on earth.  There are those that propose that all things came about by pure luck; the heavens and the earth.  Really?  This would mean that billions of lucky accidents, all supporting one another, created the heavens and earth as we know them.  I don’t have enough faith to believe that.  Those of you who are regular readers know that I’ve written about hundreds of things, from science, showing these accidents to be impossible.  It is far-fetched to believe that all things came about from luck.  Where did the materials come from for all things in the beginning itself, for example?  It had to have come from somewhere, didn’t it?  Let’s look at evidence for God creating all things by seeing what science has discovered about our magnetic field; just one thing out of billions needed to support life here.  Harmful ejections from our sun and other sources are directed away from the earth when they enter our magnetic field.  Our magnetic field redirects them to collide with gaseous molecules high up in our atmosphere.  Thank God for the gases being there, right?  When these collisions occur, they cause a beautiful light display called the aurora borealis (commonly referred to as the ‘northern lights’).  These are seen most often in Alaska.  It is believed that this magnetic field is generated from deep within the earth as electrical currents.  There is a tremendous debate going on in scientific circles as to just how this current is generated.  It was once believed that molten lava and the spinning of the earth created energy forces/current.  This is now being hotly contested.  It appears that science has gone back to square one.  For our purposes, we won’t enter the debate. It is now known that these energy forces (electrical currents creating our magnetic shield) are diminishing quickly.  Without the shield we all die.  Don’t worry.  We still have plenty of time.  However, the fact that the magnetic shield is dying creates quite a problem for those who believe the earth to be billions of years old.  Why?  Because this energy force is like a battery.  Electrical currents wear down over time.  If the energy field has been diminishing for billions of years, why is it still here at all?  By using the mathematic principles involved in determining just how quickly our magnetic shield is diminishing, we find that the earth cannot be more than thousands of years old.  Believing it to be billions of years old means that our magnetic shield would have been tremendously huge in the beginning, causing the earth to be uninhabitable for life.  The problem with saying it is billions of years old is quickly disproven by the fact that we are all still here and alive.  Earth’s magnetic field has been measured since 1829.  That’s a long time.  We know that we are gradually losing this field.  There have been research projects that dispute the idea that the lava core of the earth created our magnetic shield.  Understand that, in order for our shield to work, we need special gases already present in the outer stratosphere, gases made up of specific chemicals. How lucky are we, according to those who do not believe in a Creator. Amazingly, the best evidence that all planetary magnetic fields (all other celestial bodies such as stars, moons, planets, etc.) seem to have all been created at the same time comes from our Mariner 10’s space probe of planet Mercury.  Dr. Russel Humphreys predicted, that if the heavens and earth are thousands of years old, that Mercury would be found to have lost about 4% of its magnetic field.  Mercury was studied from 1974 to today, and has lost just about 4% of its magnetic field, just as Dr. Humphreys predicted.  He based this all on the theory that the heavens and earth could be found to be thousands, not billions, of years old.  Look for us at evidenceforthehope.org or Evidence for the Hope Ministries.  Have a nice day.