If you remember one of my first article on honeybees, you know how fascinating and well designed these tiny creatures are. Our military has finally taken notice. There is only one time that our Stealth Bombers can be detected by an enemy; when they are descending for a landing. That’s about to change because of the honeybee. In order to land any airplane, we must use either radar or sonar, both detectable by an enemy. An enemy can lock on to these things and put a missile into a landing plane. The honeybee doesn’t need either.

Scientists at the University of Australia recently discovered how the honeybee can land so easily on a wall or a flower. They found that the Bee’s guidance system is surprisingly simple; so simple in fact that it overwhelmed them that no one has ever tried to copy it for man’s use.

An article by Creation magazine describes it best. I quote: “Experiments show that bees land safely by simply ensuring that the surface they are approaching expands at a constant rate within their field of vision.” The article goes on to say that Professor Srinivasan of the University of Queensland expresses it this way; “If you come in to (land) at a constant speed, the image (of the landing strip) appears to expand faster as you get closer. But if you keep the rate of expansion of the image constant, you automatically slow down and by the time you make contact you’re moving at almost zero speed.”

Our military is now looking at introducing a bee-like landing system into all planes, drones and spacecraft. This eliminates the need for a G.P.S in spacecraft, sonar or radar in planes, and radar in drones. We will become completely undetectable in our Stealth Aircraft, now.

This shows incredible design features in the bee. If you remember, I once wrote that the honeybee can also see ultra-violet light. We can’t. When a flower needs to be pollinated, it sends an ultra-violet light into the sky that the bee sees. This is done by a complicated system. Every flower has two stamens (rod-like devices) and each has a different chemical in it. When the flower needs pollination, the two stamens move toward each other until they touch. Once they touch, they create a third chemical which sends the light into the sky about four feet. When the bee lands, pollen falls off its legs and a fourth chemical is introduced which negates the third chemical. The light goes out.

I find it amazing that man copies so many design features found in Creation and, yet, denies that a Divine Designer was involved. We discovered many things thanks to God’s creatures; such as radar from bats. We use chemicals found in trees and plants every day in medicines. We use features of animals to create all kinds of things. Doesn’t this suggest an intelligent Designer? It does to me.

All of this landing design change will come about because of the teeny tiny mind of a bee. What computer do you know of that is that small? God is something else!


I just finished watching a History Channel special on how old Niagara Falls is. Charles Lyle, author of ‘Principles of Geology’, a book instrumental in leading Charles Darwin to come up with his ’Theory of Evolution‘, gave a rather convincing argument in the 1800’s for Niagara Falls being about 30,000 years old. According to the History Channel, he used simple math to estimate the length of the carved and eroding valley below the Falls. Figuring that the Falls erodes about one foot per year, he estimated that the Falls was about 30,000 years old, due to the length of the valley it formed. The show also stated that Lyle did not believe in the Creation estimate of how old the Earth was, and the commentator happily went on his way talking about millions of years for this, that and the other. A few minutes later, the commentator briefly mentioned that the actual erosion of the falls proved to be about 3 feet per year instead of Lyle’s estimate of one foot per year; making the falls about 10,000 years old instead of 30,000. This was quickly skimmed over by the commentator as a sort of side note. I looked at my wife and said, “Didn’t they just prove that Niagara Falls is only 10,000 years old?” This lines up perfectly with Creationist estimates of how old the Earth is and quite nicely squashes evolutionary theory…but was ignored by the show’s creators and commentators.

Is this good science? Is this fair science? Is this science at all; to focus away from the obvious facts and return to what they wished were the facts with such authority as to convince the audience that evolution is real in spite of the evidence to the contrary. How can we deal with such underhandedness!?

The show then gave one report after another on what they thought might possibly be how the Great Lakes were formed. It was very convincing conjecture…but that was all that it was. What factual truths were presented? I forced myself to continue watching. The show was filled with obvious speculation but given in such a way as to be totally convincing on how the Great Lakes and the Niagara Falls were formed. It was all based on evolutionary belief. Once again, it ended up supporting a religious belief system (Evolution) instead of presenting provable facts. The only real true fact that I got out of the show is that the Niagara Falls has only been around for about 10,000 years, according to them. This fits quite well with what my Bible has to say and I should be content with that, but I can’t when they purposely mentioned that Charles Lyle did not believe in the Biblical accounts of Creation. Excuse me, but all that Charles Lyle’s mathematical methods actually ended up proving was that the Niagara Falls was less than 10,000 years old. Of course Lyle died long before his theory on the age of the falls was proven to be wrong…but the affect that he had on billions of students remains. This is the man who was such an inspiration to Charles Darwin, of the Theory of Evolution fame. Lyle was proven wrong…so what makes Darwin right?

Half of the erosion of the Falls could have happened in just twenty minutes during the flood of Noah. The valley that was created by the bursting of the backed-up Toutle River, after the explosion of Mt. St. Helens, was created in less than a day. If Noah‘s flood is a reality, The Falls could be as young as 5-7,000 years old. There have been approximately 400 ancient stories discovered, coming from every continent, about the flood of Noah. Each mentions eight people in an Ark carrying a lot of animals to safety. How is that possible if the flood never happened? I have ample information for a class on this subject.