Many of you know that my fields of ministry include both Creation Science and Biblical Archaeology.  I can’t tell you in one article how many archaeological finds are now pointing to a Creator but let me share a couple with you.  These are online but beware of those who would twist the truth.

The ‘Sumerian Kings List’ was discovered and transcribed around 1906.  Since the initial discovery of this list, eighteen more have been found, all around 5,500 years old and saying basically the same thing.  Sumer is the oldest known territory of mankind and is mentioned many times in our Old Testament.  Today it is known as Iraq.  The ‘Sumerian Kings List’ gives us the first eight kings that ever lived on the earth before ‘the great flood’ and about thirty kings after ‘the great flood’.  Notice that I put the great flood in quotes.  This is because these tablets use these words to describe a stopping and restarting point in history.  Our Bible lists 10 kings before the flood of Noah.  The Sumerians left off two kings; Adam and Noah.  If you add these two men, then the list had 10 kings and corroborates our Bible.  The ‘list’ also tells us that the first kings, before the flood, lived extraordinarily long lives…just like our Bible says; many up to 800 years or so.   The lengths of their lives correspond completely with the Old Testament of the Bible.  Now, the Sumerians used a different type of mathematical system than our decimal system; they used a sexagesimal numerical system.  If they say a king lived 18,000 years, then we must divide that by 60 to get a true-life span of him living 300 years.  The interesting thing is that all the kings ‘after the flood’ started living much shorter lives…just like our Bible says started happening to mankind after the flood of Noah.

The list starts off with these words: “after the kingship descended from heaven…”.  In other words, there was a beginning to man and kingships by someone from heaven.  It then goes on to list the (10) eight kings and stops that portion with these words: “then the flood swept over (the earth)” and ended most of life”.  As we know, only a small portion of mankind made it onto the Ark.

The list then starts again with these words: “after the flood swept over” (the earth), and the kingship had descended from heaven…” and it goes on to list another group of kings.  Some of these are listed in our Bible.  If these nineteen tablets are 5,500 years old, and corroborates the story of Creation and Noah’s flood, how can we not pay attention to it?  It certainly corroborates the Bible!  The flood that it speaks of was a stopping and starting point for mankind.  That had to be one massive flood.  If it was just a bad local flood, why would it be a stopping and starting point for the kings?

The other list that I wanted to point out to you is called the ‘Abydos King List’.  It was discovered not too long ago and contains the names of 76 ancient kings or pharaohs of Egypt, beginning around 3,000 B.C. to about 1600 B.C.  Our Bible, once again, mentions some of these people and coincides perfectly with the period that they lived in; proving the accuracy of the chronology of the Bible.  The University of Pennsylvania recently discovered this latter list and is in the process of digging up more tombs and possible writings as you read.  This also shows that those people who would place the timing of our Old Testament being over a thousand years later than that which is written in the Bible…to be wrong.  How can you write of a pharaoh of Egypt a thousand years before he was born?  God is confirming His Word in these last days and we need to pay attention to what is being discovered.  This outpouring of information about God and His creation was prophesied thousands of years ago.  I find it interesting to see it coming about.  Our Bible talks about there being an Israel in the last days.  Think about that.  Israel was reborn as a nation in 1948.  It hadn’t existed at all for almost 2,000 years.  That, too, is a fulfillment of last days’ prophecies.




In the twelfth chapter of John, ‘certain Greeks…came up to worship at the (Passover) feast’ and wanted to see Jesus.  Jesus, being a Jew, was in a part of the Temple in which Greek proselytes were not allowed to enter.  There was a middle wall of separation between Gentiles and Jews.  To go beyond that separation wall meant instant death to the Gentile.  There was even a sign to this effect, which has been discovered.  This led Jesus into a discourse about “unless a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone:  but if it die, it brings forth much fruit.”  Jesus was telling His disciples that Gentiles would be part of that ‘much fruit’ once He died and was placed in the earth.  He explained that one tiny seed, planted, would bring forth many generations of the church, including Gentiles.  His death would mean that the ‘wall of separation’ would be done away with and Gentiles could enter where He is.

Science has yet to explain how the combination of a seed being planted in the earth multiplies itself.  There are many mysterious elements involved in the death and resurrection of a seed.  We believe only because we see it happen, but cannot explain how it came to be.  The elements of air, water, earthly nutrients, sunshine and the genetic codes of seeds are all understood to be needed.  It is the combination of all these things, mysteriously working together, and being in existence, that is the mystery.

Any element of air (Oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, etc.) being missing would cause the seed to simply rot and wither away.  Any element of water being missing would do the same.  Any element of earthly soil being missing would cause the seed to fail.  If sunshine did not have all the proper elements, the seed would not give its abundance.  All these things MUST work in harmony with one another in order for a seed to give forth its abundance.  Evolutionists would have us believe that all of this was an ‘accident of nature’.  Any farmer can easily see that this goes way beyond any accident.

We tend to believe what we hear.  It is part of our human nature to want to believe other people.  Yet, we sometimes swallow a lie or misconception while doing this.  There is no such thing as a harmless lie, especially when it deals with our eternal salvation.  Jesus died and was buried for a reason; that man might become part of that great mystery of death and resurrection.  If we take a grain of wheat and put it on a shelf, it will never die and resurrect back to life.  There are those who would have us reject the Creator.  Once we do, we place ourselves on that shelf and deny our generations of the many seeds that would have come, and the opportunity to be planted and to have life.  We humans are God’s seed.  We were meant to have life eternal through the death and resurrection of His son: God’s seed.   Evolution cannot, and has not, ever been proven.  It denies the Creator and places its advocates on a shelf apart from that Creator.

There is a group that was formed in South Korea in 1981.  It includes 10,000 brilliant scientists; all with at least one PhD.  Hundreds of these are currently involved in deep research in their field of science.  Every one of these scientists has become a Creationist and a Christian.  They are known as The Korea Association for Creation Research.  They are not alone in the world.  Groups like this are now springing up all across the globe.  The Institute for Creation Research is another group; found in the U.S.A. and has many Christian Creationist members…all with PhD’s.  People all around the world are now seeing that it took Father God…not mother nature…for all of this to come into being.

The United States is one of the last strongholds teaching Evolution as a fact instead of as a theory; which is all it is.  Our neighboring countries are looking at our teaching methods as being out-of-date, antiquated and behind the times, due to evolutionary doctrines being introduced into school curriculums.  Yet, Evolutionary teaching is so imbedded in our schools, and so protected, that no other opinions or theories are welcome much less tolerated.  One can teach Creation theory without ever mentioning God or Jesus, if that is what they are worried about.  It is being done in many other countries…except our own.




The Theory of Evolution may have recently been given a death blow; amazingly by the evolutionary scientists, themselves.  It was long believed, by Creationists, that the discovery of DNA by Crick and Watson in the 1950’s would eventually lead to further discoveries that would put the nail in the coffin of Evolution.  That has just happened.

Francis Crick, discoverer of DNA, once said; “An honest man, armed with all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that in some sense, the origin of life appears, at the moment, to be almost a miracle, so many are the conditions which would have had to have been satisfied to get it going.”

Crick didn’t believe in a Creator.  He was an ardent evolutionist who hoped that the discovery of DNA would show where life came from.  Rather than believe in a Creator, he opted for life being brought here by aliens from space.  Go figure.  This doesn’t solve the problem since his hypothesis can’t tell us where the aliens came from in the beginning.

What is this amazing discovery that has ALL of science confused?  It’s something so tiny that it cannot be seen with the human eye.  It’s called a DNA polymerase, and it has been leading many, many scientists to believe that Evolution cannot possibly be the answer as to where life came from.  Dr. Yusdi Santoso, Ph.D. of Oxford University made a statement to CREATION magazine:  Because of the discovery of DNA polymerase…”several prominent scientists have concluded that it is very, very improbable that life could have arisen on earth all by itself”.  Dr. Santoso went on to say, “None of my colleagues at Oxford can explain how a machine like this could have arisen through an evolutionary process”.  The ‘machine’ that he speaks of is DNA polymerase.

So what is this DNA polymerase?  Quite simply, it’s an enzyme; an enzyme that makes proteins in DNA.  It is what causes our cells to be replicated (copied).  The human body loses millions of cells per day.  Each has to be replaced with an exact copy of what was just lost.  This DNA polymerase is similar to what we would call a copying machine, except it makes millions of copies faithfully per day.  It’s what makes copies of cells.  However, this is not a simple process.  Each cell has a system of alphabetic letters that must line up in a precise order.  These letters form information to code in how each cell is to be made and what it will be used for.  But, what if the letters are installed incorrectly?  This is where our little enzyme ( copying machine) goes to work.  It has the ability to also ‘proof read’ what is being coded into the cell.  It also has the ability to correct any ‘misspelling’ of our genes.  The big problem for evolutionists is that there has to be a proofreading polymerase present in order for the other polymerase to make a copy.  That means that there had to have been an original polymerase in the beginning…already in existence…in order for cells to be able to replicate themselves.  It’s the answer to the old question; “What came first; the chicken or the egg?”  In this case, there had to be a cell (chicken) in order to make another chicken…in the beginning.   I predict that the Theory of Evolution will have to undergo some pretty dramatic changes in order to survive…due to DNA polymerase.  This should be interesting to see how evolutionists wiggle out of this one.  A large number of PhD professors have now turned against Evolution as being the answer as to where life came from and are starting to look for another answer.   I have one:  “In the beginning God created…”




Most know that William Tell is the archer who shot an arrow and knocked the apple off the head of his son, but have you heard of the Archer Fish?  The Archer Fish uses the very advanced mathematical formulas of hydrodynamics.  Hydrodynamics is the study of liquids in motion and how different forces affect the movement of liquids.  This fish demonstrates advanced trigonometry and calculus when it seeks prey and can cause the most advanced math student to spend sleepless nights figuring out just how it is that it can do that.

The Archer Fish hunts prey far above the water line, usually a bug perched on a limb.  It doesn’t jump out of the water after its meal; it shoots it down with a powerful jet of water.  This isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Water has a way of distorting images by what is called refraction of light.  If one reaches for something in the bottom of a creek, he might be surprised to discover that it’s not where he thinks it is.  Light bends as it enters water, causing images to distort.  The fish must compensate for this.  If it sees a target at 74 degrees, it must readjust the angle to 78 degrees in order to hit it, due to the refraction of light.  It must also factor in that the water jet will not travel in a straight line, since gravity will pull it downwards as it travels.  The fish must also be positioned in the proper spot to catch its prey when it falls into the water or else the prey would simply quickly escape.  All of this is done in a tiny fraction of a second.  This means that the fish must compensate for the height, speed, and the angle from which the  prey is knocked into the water.  Add to all of this that the fish is moving very fast towards the target as it begins spitting the jet of water.

The Archer has the ability to cause the jet of water to actually speed up in flight.  This is amazing since water traveling through water has a tendency to slow down.  This speed-up is accomplished by causing the rear portion of the jet of water to over-speed the front portion of water, causing it all to coagulate into a steady stream moving at ten times the original speed in which it left the fish’s mouth.  This speed-up is enough to cause even the most firmly entrenched bug to be knocked off of its perch.  All of this happens exactly at the very moment that the jet of water strikes the victim.

I have questions.  Am I to believe that all of this advancement took place slowly over millions of years through evolution?  How come this fish took on this way of seeking prey when the others didn’t?  Wouldn’t it have been simpler to just catch bugs that landed on the water or hovered over the water, like other fish do?   How did the Archer Fish evolve this type of advanced technology?  I believe that it all had to be there in the beginning.  God created fish on the fifth day of Creation, according to the Bible.



It’s amazing how much we can learn about the evidences for our Bible from rocks.   I was recently reading an article on percussion marks being found on quartzite boulders and rocks.  Quartzite is one of the hardest known rocks known to man.  It is just below the hardness of diamonds, the hardest known mineral in the world.  Scientists around the world have found that not only is some quartzite rounded smooth but that others had marks on them of something striking them.  This is what I was referring to as ‘percussion marks’.  So, what’s the big deal you ask?  There are several things here that need to be understood.  First, we need to know how rocks get rounded.  When rocks fall from ledges on mountains and other geologic formations, one will notice that they are not rounded at all but usually flat, jagged, rectangular and so on.  In order to be rounded or smoothed over they have to be captured by a source of water.  Once a rock falls into a river or creek it starts its journey downstream.  As it goes along it is rolled over and over until it is finally circular and smooth.  Notice that sand on a beach is all rounded.  It takes quite a force of water to round off quartzite, though.  The faster the water is moving, the quicker the stone is rounded.

The reason that I’m picking on quartzite will become obvious at this next juncture.  Scientists have a very hard time explaining why there are percussion marks found on rounded quartzite.  In order to mar the surface of rounded quartzite by something striking it in water, there have to be tremendous forces applied.  These forces absolutely have to be equivalent to water moving at about seventy miles per hour or more.  There has never been any flood in the world moving constantly at that speed on land to round off quartzite and then leave percussion marks.  The speed of seventy miles per hour is three times any flood speed ever observed on the earth.  Or is it?  It is estimated that a worldwide flood would reach orbital speeds on land of over a hundred miles per hour and could easily leave percussion marks on quartzite.  But, there was never any known worldwide flood say those who do not believe the Bible story of Noah.   We are now back to how in the world could quartzite be rounded and have percussion marks.  There is no answer to this for those who dismiss the story of Noah.  For those of us who have spent a lifetime researching proofs for the things of the Bible, the answer is obvious; there once WAS a worldwide flood, and eight people were all that were saved by entering into the ark.  It is incredible to know that no other ship was as large as the ark until the Queen Mary luxury ship was made in England in 1931.   Like I said, it is amazing how rocks can give us proof for things in our Bible.

I have studied my way from being an atheist to becoming a strong Christian believer due to the things that we find all around us.  I love science, ancient history, and archaeology.  In each of those fields, I find tremendous amounts of evidence for nearly every story and other things in our Bible to be true.  I cannot now go to any part of my Bible without saying “Gosh, we have proof for that”.  This is why I write for the paper and go on radio.  I want others to have the opportunity to learn what I have, and to make a decision one way or another for or against the Bible being the very Word of God.  I honor whatever one decides to choose.  God would have it no other way.  Each of us is given free will, and the others should respect each other’s right to choose what to believe.  I just want some facts, not normally taught in the average church, to be known before that decision is made. Look for us at evidenceforthehope.org or on Facebook at Evidence for the Hope.