In the last two years, we and other countries have been treated to a look at how tax dollars are being spent.  I’m not favorably impressed. Recently, the Rosetta Satellite successfully landed on a moving comet. It was launched by the European Space Agency and cost nine hundred million dollars. This was a tremendous feat and is noteworthy. I believe we need to applaud them for landing the thing. Someday we may well need to land on a moving space object to blow it up or cause it to veer away from the Earth. However, this mission was not centered around the possibility of one day saving Earth from a space object striking us. The television and newspapers informed us, in no uncertain terms, that the aim of this mission was to “…prove where Earth’s water came from”. Believing that Earth’s water was not here in the beginning is part of the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory speculates that Earth was once a giant molten ball of magma with no natural water on it at all. Since evolutionists believed that Earth’s water could not have been here in the beginning, scientists began to theorize how it got here. They settled on the hypothetical belief that all of earth’s water came here from one or more enormous comets. Since earth is roughly seventy percent water, that’s a lot of water! Scientists decided to build and land the Rosetta Satellite on a speeding comet to “prove” that Earth’s water was not here in the beginning and must have come here from a comet. Even if the water on the Rosetta Mission turned out to be the same as found on Earth, how would this prove their theory!? It would “prove” nothing. This also leaves no explanation as to how Earth would have survived such a tremendous impact. A comet would not have contained liquid water but would be all ice. The impact should have knocked us out of our orbit around the Sun. Also, molten material and ice water just doesn’t get along. Pouring ice-water on a red-hot rock will shatter it. If the Big Bang theorists were right about earth’s water coming from a comet strike, then the earth should have shattered like crystal china being hit with a sledgehammer. The small meteor that struck Siberia in 1908 had a blast capacity of more than one thousand times the size of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. A comet big enough to bring us all our water would have been millions of times the size of that Siberian meteor…or roughly billions of times bigger than the Hiroshima bomb blast. This is all a mute-point though, since the water discovered on the comet, by the Rosetta Satellite, had three times the amount of deuterium; nothing like Earth’s water; proving comet water is not the same as Earth’s.

In 2014, articles began appearing in scientific journals and other places informing us that huge amounts of water had been discovered four hundred miles below the Earth: enough to easily fill the Earth to the tops of the highest mountains, if suddenly released upwards. Many Universities and labs confirmed this. Brazilian scientists discovered water surrounding minerals on a ringwoodite diamond from 400 miles down. No water should be at that depth if the Big Bang is right. They sent a sample to geologist Joseph Smyth of University Colorado Bolder. It was confirmed. He sent a sample to Steve Jacobson’s research team at Northwestern U. Again confirmed. They set up seismology equipment across the Americas and found enough water to cover every mountain. Sound familiar? It should; read about the waters of the great deep breaking up in Genesis. This appeared in the June 4, 2014 U.S.A. Newspaper. The scientists interviewed stated they all had to agree that Earth’s water had been here all along. I’m sure God was not surprised by this revelation. The first book of the Bible mentions this water of the great deep being used in the flood of Noah; filling the Earth to the highest mountains. The comet theory of water coming to earth is simply wrong. This leaves the Big Bang theory all washed up; pardon the pun. Not to be outdone, the U.S. sent up the ‘New Horizon’ satellite on a mission to Pluto. New Horizon traveled three billion miles, took almost ten years getting to Pluto, and cost us seven hundred million dollars. It arrived in July of 2015. If you listened to the news reports, you’d quickly see what this was all about. It was the hope of scientists that “Pluto could help tell us how Earth formed”. I could have saved NASA seven hundred million dollars. It seems that Pluto is still not completely rounded, as is Earth. Hence, scientists speculated that it is still forming. How in the world could a fly-by of a Satellite, spending less than two hours looking at Pluto, six thousand miles from the planet, tell us how Earth, or any other planet, formed!? Notice that all these speculations are based on there not being a Creator involved, and totally slanted towards Darwinian Evolutionary beliefs. I wonder how God feels when we believe things like this; when we ignore the fact that He created the heavens and the earth in the beginning just thousands of years ago? I believe that He is going to judge anybody who robbed Him of His glory. I love that God proved, via the scientists, that our water has been here all along; at the time other scientists were discovering Earth’s water did not come here from comets. God must shake His head at their self-imposed ignorance. In these last days, God’s proving Himself as the Creator over and over so that many supposed intelligent people will be without excuse when they face Him in the judgment. Mankind needs to quit denying that God Created all things. The more science discovers, the less likely that the planets and people formed all by themselves over billions of years. It is the hope that these regular newspaper articles and radio spots tune people in to that. Look for us at evidenceforthehope.org. Have a nice day.





This is the last in a three-part series. I explained that a theistic evolutionist (TE) is one who purports to believe both in the Bible and in Evolution, and how I couldn’t see the two being compatible.  The teachings of Jesus, the Apostles, the prophets, and others would be too conflicted to allow both to be possible at the same time. For example, Evolution teaches that the sun, moon and stars were earth’s first light. Genesis says there was light before these were made. Evolution says marine organisms came first, but Genesis says land plants came first. Evolution teaches that land mammals came before whales, but Genesis teaches the opposite. Evolution says reptiles came before birds, but Genesis says the opposite. Evolution points to death and disease being around for billions of years before man purportedly evolved, but Genesis says death and disease came after man was created. The Big Bang Theory says everything in the universe came from something as tiny as a pinhead that exploded. Genesis says god created the heavens for our pleasure. There are hundreds more things like this, but this shows us the two are incompatible

I have another reason for my beliefs; I’ve been on both sides of the controversy. I was an atheist and evolutionist and am now a minister and creationist. My choosing atheism came after teachers convinced me that Evolution was right. In the church that I was raised in, I was very poorly trained on how to prove the Bible correct. Granted, they had Sunday School, educational classes on Bible stories, tons and tons of sermons and other things, but what they didn’t have were classes on how to prove the historicity and chronological accuracy of the Bible. I had even attended seven years of Christian school! This is a classic failure of the church. I’m not alone in falling from the faith in this. Surveys by many groups attest that eight out of ten of all students that attend a college or a university, raised by Christian parents in the church, WILL fall away from the faith while in school. If a Pastor can prove the accuracy of the Bible from archaeological finds and science, his chances of losing even just one child drops to less than one out of ten.  Nearly all of students surveyed explained that their loss of faith was due to what they learned about evolution. I yearn for the church to learn this lesson! I’ve studied Biblical archaeological finds and Creation science for over thirty-five years and am absolutely astounded at how easily the Bible can be proven correct and the Theory of Evolution wrong. Even the most educated scientists express deep concerns about evolutionary doctrines. The problem is that they’ll be fired or lose their tenure if these concerns are expressed publicly. There are many examples of this. This is not a case of separation of church and state. Scientists and teachers are terrified to say what they really believe. So, the failed theory lives on.

My finding faith again came through much study and research. However, this leaves me as one very frustrated minister. Too many don’t see the importance of training children to defend their faith with the evidences that god provides. Most parents are sadly oblivious to the dangers awaiting their children in college. Some think that telling the Bible stories will be enough for a child to hold onto their faith in later years. Statistics are very much proving that wrong. Many tell me that they don’t need anything more than the Bible to believe, as if that should suffice, but what about the non-believer or student struggling to find the truth? If one can’t prove that the Bible is accurate, how can we help them? The sad thing is that the Bible has now been proven by thousands of archaeological finds, and even scientific finds, and the church is almost totally unaware of what is available. That’s why I seek churches and groups to speak to.

Presenting Evolution as being compatible with the Bible causes division and confusion in the church, and the loss of 80% of all the kids we send to college. Romans 16:17 “I urge you brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching that you have learned. Keep away from them.” 2nd Peter 2:21 “But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord.” 2nd Timothy 3:5 “This also know, that in the last days perilous times will come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves…lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God…. Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof; from such turn away.” If your church or group is interested in having me speak, contact me at; Rev. David Brown, 37 Burger Dr., Capon Bridge, W.Va. 26711; 304-856-2909.s Please consider supporting Evidence for the Hope Ministries (501c3 tax deductible.





In my last article, we discussed what a theistic evolutionist was. This is one who believes himself to be a Christian while maintaining a belief in Evolution. I explained why I can’t believe this combination to be possible. There’s too much to backtrack on, and I encourage any new reader to go on-line and find the last article before finishing this one. Save these articles as we go along.

Romans 1:20-23,25 was written by Paul, an Apostle of Christ. It reads, “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things.” … “who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator….” These scriptures point out that there are those whose hearts become darkened because they become vain in their imaginations. They think they are wise but are, actually, fools and changed the truth of God into a lie; worshipping the created more than the Creator. This is very true of Theistic Evolutionists (TE). It means that one can clearly see Creation by God, but some denied that God created as is written in the Bible, and that these people will one day be without excuse when facing God for beliefs contrary to His Word.

If Evolution is true, Jesus and His disciples were either wrong or blatantly lying about their teachings of God creating man in His image, on death and disease being the result of sin entering the world, Jesus dying to bring eternal life due to Adam’s sin, about Earths creation in six days, Noah’s flood, how God created man different from the animals, that Eve was created from the rib of Adam, and a whole lot more. How can one profess to be a Christian and believe in Evolution? Much of the teachings of the Bible must be cast aside to cling to a belief in evolution. This also creates a tremendous problem within the Church:  what do we teach those seeking the truth? The Bible urges Christians to be in one accord (agreement). How can a divided body be in one accord? Newcomers will see that this is not so, if the congregation is divided on the Creation/Evolution issue. What message does this send them? I question those who profess to believe in Evolution and the Bible. I often discover they haven’t really read or studied the Bible extensively enough to make a firm conclusion. Some just accept the evolutionary values taught them in school and come to a flimsy conclusion based on what they ‘imagine’ is true. Most are not even aware that The Theory of Evolution has evolved three times in the last 100 years in order to maintain its position in the classrooms.  I’ve written about this. Each time something is found to prove it to be a failed theory, ardent believers will change the face of the theory to fit the times. For example: The Big Bang Theory has had four tremendous scientific blows proving it to be a failed theory just in the last five years. You won’t hear about that on T.V. or in the classroom. Dinosaurs fossils are now being proven to be no older than ten thousand years. You won’t hear that on T.V. or in the classroom. These things can be found on the internet and are finds coming from the scientists, themselves; not the church.

In Romans chapter 5, Paul contrasts the connection between Adam’s fall into sin the need for Jesus to die to save mankind from sin and eternal death. If Adam was just a blob of goo, that evolved into man, then the story of sin and death would be fictional. Jesus died for nothing. If Adam was not a historical person then Paul was a liar. How can one say they believe the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles and still believe in Evolution? Please bear in mind that the ‘Theory’ of Evolution is a relatively new concept compared with the thousands of years ascribed to the writings of the Bible. Our Bible warns that in the last days there would come false prophets and teachers, leading away the very elect if possible. The Bible also warns us to avoid such people in the church. Perhaps it’s time that Pastors take a survey to see just where the congregation stands on this issue.  It’s important to obey God and be in one accord.





From time to time, I’m asked why I feel that one cannot be a Christian and a believer in Evolution at the same time. To me the answer is simple, but to many the answer needs a great deal of explanation. A theistic evolutionist is someone, professing to be a Christian believer, who also believes that God used Evolution as His tool for Creation: that the Bible can be compatible with the billions of years required by Darwinian theory. Theistic evolutionists believe that those who ardently argue that the Bible is correct about a literal six-day Creation period, the first Adam being a real man instead of a mythical character, and that death and suffering came into the world due to the sin of the first couple… are actually causing distress between science and Christianity. The Theistic Evolutionist (hereafter called TE) believes that God took millions of years to create each thing. using the process of evolution; that man was truly once a blob of goo that turned into a single cell, that turned to a fish, that turned to all kinds of things and eventually ended up as a human. They purport that all of this can be believed while still calling oneself a Christian believer.  I must ask, believer of what? Certainly not what is written in the Bible. I question this stand. It will take more than one column to answer why I believe it impossible to say one is a Christian believer and an evolutionist at the same time, so keep these newspaper columns together so you can follow along.

I usually begin my answer with the following question; “Do you believe that God resembles a blob of goo?” The answer is always ‘of course not’.  “Is He a fish or a monkey,” I ask. This usually solicits frustration on their part. I then point out that they cannot be a true evolutionist since all life began as a blob of goo in the beginning, according to Evolution, and the Bible clearly states that man was “made in the image of God”. Since we are told that we evolved from goo to fish to monkey to man, then we have to look at what we first were in the beginning; a blob of goo. This means, as humans, we no longer resemble God at all. The average response is that I’m being ridiculous; that God does not look like a blob of goo. I then quickly point out that they then must believe that the Bible has a mistake because it clearly says God created man in His image. Since Evolution teaches that man evolved slowly over millions of years, man wouldn’t have been around during creation week.  This would mean that my TE does not believe the Bible to be correct. At that point, I again ask what it is exactly that makes my TE think that they are a believer, and a believer in what? Certainly not in the writings of Jesus or the Apostles, since they all point out that Adam was a real man and that God created the world and the heavens in six literal days. They must disbelieve most of the Old Testament, too.

This is just the beginning of my logic on this matter. Since the Bible points out that God made the heaven and the earth by His great power, and that nothing is too hard for Him (Jeremiah 32:17 and others), one should ask why He would use a pitifully poor method of evolution as his tool. To believe in evolution would mean that one does not believe that God could have created without using evolution. This means His power must be limited and that there were things too hard for Him to do, in the beginning. Again, the Bible is wrong, according to TE thinking. Consider all the accidental things that evolution claims had to have happened for things to have progressed extremely slowly over billions of years. Is this the best God could come up with, one should ask? Also, evolution points out that there was death, disease and suffering billions of years before man evolved. Again, this is contrary to what is written in the Bible. The Bible states that death, disease and suffering came about because of man’s (not a blob of goo’s) disobedience. Once again, my TE has to disbelieve the Bible in order to believe in the Theory of Evolution. How is the everlasting love of God shown in the cruel process of ‘survival of the fittest’, as called for by Evolution, if death, disease and suffering are just a normal process designed by God in the beginning? Again, the ET’s are believers in…what? Surely not what is written in the Bible. Please note that evolution is still just… ‘a theory’. I am astounded at how many will tell me that believing in Evolution hurts nothing and should be not controversial. These are unaware of the statistics. My ministerial letter from the head of the

Assemblies of God showed that we do better than most church denominations. We only lose 70% of all the kids raised in our church that go away to college or university. Are you okay with that? Not me! I’ll be writing more on this in the next couple of columns.  Keep these together for better study.





I was recently asked what the most significant archaeological discovery was proving something in the Bible.  They followed that question with their own guess; the Dead Sea Scrolls.  While most are unaware of the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery, that wouldn’t have been my answer.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947, the same year Israel was petitioning to become a nation again.  The scroll transcribers sat on them for nearly forty years before releasing their contents. According to the Bible, in order that final prophecies be fulfilled, Israel had to come back into existence after nearly 2,000 years of having ceased being a nation.  I know of no other nation that has ever done this.  In the Bible, Israel as a nation is mentioned in the Revelation of John.  The real significance of the Scrolls discovery was to put to rest the assumptions by some that all of Isaiah, and the prophecies concerning Jesus as the Messiah, were made up long after Jesus had died.  Many college and university professors once pointed out to students and others that the oldest extant copy of Isaiah that we had was written five hundred years after Jesus had died. That was once true about being the oldest copy we had but is no longer.  Copies of almost all the Old Testament, except the book of Esther, were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, including Isaiah.  The copy of Isaiah that had been discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls was written five hundred years before Jesus was born.  Also, Micah and the other prophets spoke of the Messiah to come.  These books were also found among the Dead Sea Scrolls and were dated to before Jesus was born.  They are nearly word for word the same as what is found in the Bible today and any difference in wording does not change the context of the Scriptures.  Other supposed holy books of newer religions proposed the Bible had been altered by man over the years, that it should be ignored, and new holy books were needed. Obviously, that’s not true.  However, I don’t consider the Dead Sea Scrolls to be the most significant find.  Nearly 6,000 discoveries verifying, illuminating or just plain proving what was written in the Bible have been discovered in the last one hundred years; most in the last thirty.  Even tablets have been discovered indicating a repentance on the part of Nineveh during the days of Jonah: stating how each person, from the greatest to the least, put on sack-clothes, sat in ashes and sought the face of God; exactly as written in the third chapter of Jonah in the Bible).  Nineveh ceased to exist in 400 B.C. and was thought by some to be fictionalized by Bible writers. The entire city has been unearthed since its discovery in the late 1800‘s, proving the Bible accurate. King Ashurbanipal’s royal library was discovered and contained a tablet describing the event of Jonah exactly (see Nineveh Ashurbanipal Tablets). His palace was discovered in 2017, just below the tomb of Jonah. ISIS blew the tomb up when they were in control of Mosul (old Nineveh), and exposed the palace. The fact that the tomb was part of the palace tells me this truly was Jonah’s tomb, and the king had him buried there out of deep respect for the man who led his country to repentance. No one would have discovered the palace if ISIS hadn’t destroyed the tomb. To me, the greatest Biblical archaeological discovery must be finding the second grave of Lazarus, the man Jesus rose from the dead, as written in John chapter 11. Ancient church documents testify that Lazarus left Jerusalem after learning that the Sadducees wanted him dead. Lazarus went to Cyprus where Barnabus was from, Paul’s traveling companion, and became the Bishop of that place. Church records state he lived another thirty years, which would put his death about 63 A.D. Not too long ago, Islamic radicals burned down a very old Christian church in Cyprus. When the Christians went to rebuild, they discovered a hidden room under the old altar. In it were possessions belonging to the first Bishop of that country; Lazarus. Things in the room were dated to about 63A.D., proving old church records correct. Look up “Lazarus second tomb Cyprus” on the internet and scroll down to Gordon Robertson of the 700 Clubs’ presentation. In the middle of the room sits a stone sarcophagus (coffin). Lazarus’ tomb. On top of the sarcophagus they noticed words under the dusty top. The first line read ‘Lazarus”. The second line read ‘friend of Jesus’ (identifying him as being the one raised by Jesus). The third line is the one that made the discoverers gasp.  It reads ‘once dead four days’. Christianity had just been handed evidence that Jesus, indeed, raised this man from the dead in 33 A.D. According to some, Mary and Martha were likely still alive when he died the second time. Also, the church knows that Barnabus was living in Cyprus until his death in 64 A.D. These three, and all his congregation, would have never allowed this to be written if it were not true. Many resurrection witnesses were alive who could contest the words on his tomb. None did. If Jesus rose Lazarus, He could raise anybody. Much of the Bible can be proven using archaeological finds. Sadly, 95 % of Christians never hear about them. These discoveries seem to validate the Scripture that says in the last days, “The knowledge of the Glory of the Lord will fill the Earth as the waters fill the seas”. Christians not knowing these things illuminates Hosea 4:6 which says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”