There’s a wonderful article in the March/April ‘Biblical Archaeology Review’ magazine.  For nearly two centuries, some liberal professors have shared with students that the story of the Exodus and the Israelites being in the wilderness of Canaan was fictional.  Much has been found to prove them wrong in the last ten years.  The article adds to that proof.  In the Eighth Chapter of Joshua, God commanded an altar be built on Mt. Ebal for animal sacrifices. This came shortly after Joshua and the Israelites had miraculously crossed the Jordan River.  The altar had to be big enough to accommodate nearly a million Israelites.  One would think that something that size would be easy to find.  Not finding any altar, many liberal scholars opted for this being a fictitious story.  Their beliefs were shared with students, causing many to lose their faith. They should have considered this was several thousand years ago, and much can get covered over by time.  Archaeologists just found Mt. Ebal. They discovered an extremely large, Israelite, animal sacrificial altar.  Artifacts within date it to the days of Joshua crossing the Jordan River. They know it’s an Israelite altar because of the following; (1) A four-room house was found (a typical Israelite structure uncommon to other nations).  This was probably used by the priests stationed at the altar.  (2) An Israelite altar chalice used in sacrificial ceremonies.  (3) Scattered hearths with excessive amounts of ash.  (4) Lots of animal bones (no Israeli ceremonially unclean bones, such as pigs, were within).  This eliminates others in the area that used pig bones.  (5) Israelite potsherds.  (6) An animal ramp leading to the fire pits.  (7) the structure had been made with uncut field stones, which is what God commanded them to use according to the Bible.   Archaeologist Adam Zertal truly feels he has found Joshua’s altar at Mt. Ebal.  I agree.  God told the Israelites that wherever they put their footprint, the land would belong to them.  This site is in the shape of a giant footprint, covering four acres. This can be related to Joshua 8: 30-31, “At that time Joshua built an altar to the Lord, the God of Israel, on Mt. Ebal, as Moses, the servant of the Lord, had commanded”.  There are the nay-sayers.  It seems that no matter how convincing the evidence is, there are always those who oppose anything to do with corroborating the Bible.  These hold to their beliefs until they are presented with so much evidence that they’re led kicking and screaming to the truth.  There are no remnants to be found relating to the time of kings in Israel, which means this probably had to have been built before Israel had kings.  That period correlates perfectly with the time of Joshua.  The Israelites had yet to conquer the “promised land”.  If this were the only “sandal shaped” Israelite sacrificial sight discovered, one could argue against this being Joshua’s Mt. Ebal altar.  However, archaeologists have now found at least six more sights like this in the early Canaan area that fit the descriptions of our Bible.  All are being dated to the same period. How does one handle that?  Do we ignore sights simply because our Bible mentions them?  Some would say yes because they believe the Bible to be a fairy tale and not trustworthy.  The discoveries are making them appear foolish.  Archaeological finds are proving the Bible right in nearly every aspect, now.  I can hardly go to any chapter without saying “We found that”. Archaeologists recently found a bullae impression belonging to King Hezekiah.  A bulla is a device used to seal letters with the owner’s signet.  This was the earliest bullae belonging to him.  Over two hundred items were discovered in 2015 that validated our Bible!  One has to ask what is going on?  God is certainly supplying us with knowledge of Himself and His Word.  The Bible states that in the last days, “The knowledge of the glory of the Lord will fill the Earth as the waters cover the sea.”  The sad thing is that most Christians are unaware of these amazing discoveries.  Add this to what’s been happening in science to prove the Bible over other theories and it is staggering. Look for us at evidenceforthehope.org or Evidence for the Hope Ministries. Have a nice day.




One of the biggest problems for some people accepting the Bible as accurate is it mentions giants.  Goliath (of David and Goliath fame) was supposed to have been nine feet tall, for example.   During the Exodus from Egypt to the promised land, our Bible says spies were sent to Canaan, reported that the people of that land made the spies look like “grasshoppers” in comparison.  What’s one to believe?  Since we don’t see races of giants today, are we expected to believe the Bible to be correct?  For many centuries Bible believers accepted this completely on faith, but doubters have chanted ‘hogwash’, causing some believers to doubt the Bible. That’s just changed thanks to recent archaeological finds.   Bible and Spade magazine had an article entitled “Egyptian War Correspondents and The Biblical Giants”.  Not just one, but two references to giants have come to us from Egypt.  The first is the Anastasi Papyrus, which is 3,300 years old and housed in the British Museum.  It describes how Egyptian forces encountered “Shasu warriors” in a Canaanite mountain pass.  It estimated the Shasu to be from 6 ft. 8 to 8ft. 6 from nose to toe.  I imagine one can easily add six more inches from the nose to the top of the head.  See ‘Anastasi Papyrus/Shasu warriors’. The second three-thousand-year old find is even more impressive.  It’s a stone carving relating the story of Ramses II battling Shasu warriors from the Hittite nation (liberals once said the Hittites never existed…that is until, what can be called, the Hittite national library was discovered).  The battle took place near Kadesh, another Biblical place recently verified.  Kadesh is where Moses’ wife came from.  It’s also where the Israelites began their conquest of the promise land. The Ramses II wall carving depicts Egyptians beating two Shasu spies. The spies are huge!  To make the Egyptian soldiers appear a little larger, the size of their legs is exaggerated.  On their knees, the two Shasu are still the same size as the standing Egyptians!  This battle took place in Canaan where Goliath was from. You can see this on-line. These discoveries prove the Bible was right all along about giants in the land of Canaan.  This is evidence Joshua saw giants in the land. What happened to these giants?  Our Bible says the Israelites were ordered by God to destroy them.  Why?  According to the Bible, these were remnants of when demonic angels slept with daughters of men, corrupting human genes.  This was a direct attack by Satan to destroy man’s genes, and the coming of Jesus through a human.  Also, these giants were Satan worshippers.  One discovery after another is now proving the Bible to be correct.  Archaeologists recently found what they believe is the tomb of Joseph and his eleven brothers in Egypt, proving the Israelites were once there. I know parts of the Bible are hard to believe, but even stories like Jonah going to Nineveh now has evidence.  Archaeologists discovered the Ashurbanipal/Nineveh Tablets, matching our Bible story of Jonah and the whale story. Sadly, millions of students and others never had the evidences that we now have.  It’s estimated that eighty percent of all Christian kids lose their faith while in college or university because of being taught the Bible can’t be trusted.  Students would expect their professors to be in the know about these finds but the majority are not.  Most Christians aren’t even aware of them.  The church at large loses eighty percent of all kids raised in a church, according to surveys by Focus on the Family, Assemblies of God and others.  It’s time to teach our kids more than just the Bible stories.  We need to equip them with the evidence proving those stories real.   Unfortunately, many don’t see the need to do so.  Just think of how much their faith would grow if we not only told the stories but showed them proof for them being true.  We have the evidence.  Why withhold it? Look for us at evidenceforthehope.org or Evidence for the Hope Ministries. Have a nice day.