Ex-Atheist/Evolutionist turned Christian Minister

Who is Rev. David Brown?

 I am an ex-atheist/Evolutionist turned Christian Minister/Creationist. As a young atheist, I had graduated number one in my class in Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare School, spending six years in that capacity. My studying evidences for the Bible being accurate and trustworthy began shortly after my 27th birthday. This led to a journey from atheism into Christianity. Astounded at all of the proofs for our Bible found in science, archaeology, and in ancient records, I began researching these finds for an average of a little over an hour per day for the next 46 years. God then called me into the ministry at age 60.  I received my ministerial degree from Global University, having a 4.0 average and being one of only a few to ever receive a perfect grade on the overall final exam. After receiving my degree, I was asked to write articles on proofs for the Bible by the number one rated newspaper in my state, eventually writing hundreds of published articles. At some point I was asked to present five minute spots on various radio stations in Md., Va., W.Va., and Penn. From there I had my first book, “learning the ABC’s; Apologetics, the Bible, and Creation” published. I am currently in the process of writing another.

We cannot afford to continue losing 80% of all the church children who lose their faith when they enter colleges and universities due to anti-biblical teachings. These young people are obviously not taught how to counter the doctrine that “Nothing is provable in the Bible”. Evolution and the Big Bang has replaced the belief of God as Creator of the heavens and earth, and the origin of life itself in our schools. Evolution and the Big bang theories require faith to believe in them. Notice they are still just theories. Faith is a religious concept, meaning these have become their own religion, replacing Jesus as Lord and Creator. The problem is that both are now being proven wrong by the same scientific organizations that first promoted them. However, this is not taught to students. This is part of our purpose, to show these findings by the scientists themselves. Archaeology now has discovered nearly 7,000 artifacts that name people, places, and events in our Bible as being perfectly correct. The vast majority of Christians are simply unaware of these discoveries, leading to many falling from the faith when challenged. Our ministry counters those biblical antagonists, using their own discoveries to prove them wrong and the Bible right.