YES LORD, I BELIEVE

As an atheist, I thought that Evolution had possibilities, but saw flaws in the reasoning.  I hadn’t had any training in the church we attended about any proofs for God as the Creator other than simply accepting what the Bible had to say about it.  I wondered about that, too.  Was God real? Was Jesus really who He said He was?  Could I trust stories about men being swallowed by whales, walking on water, being taken up to heaven, and more?  There was no scientific or archaeological forensic foundation laid for the youth of that church; about a hundred of us.  Like myself, most of them eventually left the church and turned their backs on God.  The Bible stories weren’t enough to keep the majority in the faith.  Simply telling us stories, expecting us to believe them, and then leaving it at that was not enough.  I’ve since learned, through statistics of the Assembly of God, ‘Focus on the Family’, the Baptist church, and many others that eighty percent of all kids raised in a church leave the faith when they “get an education”.  This fulfilled two ideas on the Communist Manifesto; destroy belief in God, and take over what is taught in the schools.  My church was no different from most others.  More than eighty percent left the faith.  I remember the first time my shallow faith was tested.  I’d already gotten bored of church and left.  The teachings on evolution in elementary and high school had eaten away at most of what little faith I had concerning God as Creator and Jesus being His Son.  If Evolution was true, and God was not the Creator of Adam, then Jesus was not the sacrifice for sin that He and his apostles said He was.  I was in college and a professor was belittling one of the students for believing God created the earth and mankind just six to eight thousand years ago.  He had a swell time putting the girl in her place and ultimately embarrassing her enough to silence her forever while in school.  The whole class was laughing by the time he finished.  It left an indelible mark on my soul.  It wasn’t long before I became an atheist.  However, I never was really sold on Evolution either.  The idea of aliens seeding life on this earth was also ridiculous to me.  I put the question of Creation on the back burner of my mind and went about living my life, or should I say dying spiritually.  I had no hope, no good eternal future, no way of finding the truth.  That is, until David Holbrook came into my life.  David was a caring guy, extremely well read, and extremely intelligent.  He had also gone through what I had spiritually.  However, David was fortunate enough to find someone who taught more than just the Bible stories.  His mentors had great wisdom and biblical teaching. Since my days with David, there have been over one thousand more archaeological discoveries proving many parts of the Bible as being true.  The faith I gained through Biblical forensic knowledge was incredible, but has grown enormously since.  I later learned Hosea 4:6, which says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  However, in Proverbs 11:9, God tells us how to remedy that; “With knowledge the just shall be delivered.” Wow, how true that was for me! There’s now no book of the Bible where I can’t prove at least one thing in most chapters as provable, including some of the miracles of Jesus. Much can be proven by archaeological, historical, or scientific discoveries; discoveries our parent didn’t have. For example, the church now has evidence that Jesus did raise Lazarus from the dead, that Goliath was a giant, the Exodus was real, and much more. Sadly, many pastors don’t know about these finds and therefore cannot pass them on to their youth.  To date, there have been a little over 6,500 discoveries in archaeology alone; not to mention science finds proving God as Creator…not Evolution or the Big Bang.  Most of these stories, people, places, events, and other things in the Bible were once challenged by critics of the Bible.  This means the critics have been absolutely wrong all of those times.  How’s that for God showing up? Please consider going to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buying my first book; “Learning the ABC’s; Apologetics, the Bible, and Creation”. Get a copy for your friends or tell them about it too. Have a good day.


                                                      BELIEVING BOTH BIBLE AND EVOLUTION?

In 1859, Charles Darwin drew his ‘phylogenic tree’ of life in his book ‘The Origin of Species’. This ‘tree’ had a trunk, limbs, branches, and twigs. The trunk represented the first living thing, and each time that a new creature supposedly evolved from the first creature, they were represented as either limbs, branches, or twigs; allegedly showing the progression of evolution over billions of years. I was asked why I didn’t believe in evolution as God’s tool to create all life. The questioner was under the impression that a Christian could both accept the Bible and Evolution as being compatible. I asked if they understood Darwin’s phylogenic tree. They did. I then began to point out the differences between when Darwin said certain creatures evolved from other creatures. I emphasized the “when”, indicating that we should look at which creatures came first. I then pointed out the following; The first ten words of the Bible state that “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. Evolutionists believe the Big Bang created all things. This is our first discrepancy between the Bible and Evolution. In the book of Genesis, chapter one, it says God created “light” before He created the Sun and Moon. Evolution says the Sun and Moon were our first light. Already we’re seeing that one or the other must be wrong.  Evolution teaches that marine organisms came first. However, Genesis tells us that land plants came first.  Another discrepancy. Evolution says that land mammals came before the sea creatures. However, Genesis says that whales and fish came before land mammals.  Evolution says reptiles came before birds; Genesis says birds came before reptiles. Evolution says death and disease were here millions of years before mankind.  However, Genesis says death and disease came because Adam and Eve (mankind) sinned. Jesus came because He was to die for the sins of man, to free mankind to enter heaven. If death and disease were not the result of sin, then Jesus died for nothing and is not the Saviour of the world. Evolution says the earth was all molten lava in the beginning, with no water on it.  Genesis says God separated the waters and created the land mass out of it. It is noteworthy that the waters of the “Fountains of the great deep”, as mentioned in Genesis, were likely recently discovered; enough water, according to scientists, to cover even that highest mountains if let loose on the earth…just like the Bible says happened in the story of Noah’s flood.  There’s an article in the U.S.A. Today paper on this; dated June 4, 2014, I believe. The upper waters became our vaporized atmosphere. I haven’t even got past the first pages of the Bible in Genesis, and we see that Evolution and the Bible are not compatible in any way.  One must choose one or the other. It shows a lack of knowledge to think that we can believe both to be true. Even Jesus speaks of Adam and Eve, God as the Creator, and life originating at the time of Adam and Eve. Almost all books of the Bible mention God creating all things in six literal days. Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, including all of Genesis. Jesus gives a very strong warning against not believing the writings of Moses. John 5:47, Jesus says this; “Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuses you, even Moses, in whom ye trust.  For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me; for he wrote of me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?” How can one say they’re a Christian believer and choose Evolution over the Bible, especially the writings of Moses whom Jesus had every confidence in? Even the slightest perusal of the Bible shows us that very many portions testify to God creating all things as written in Genesis. Therefore, I believe one must choose one over the other, abandoning whichever is trashed. One can’t believe in both. One needs to go. Jesus warns us that we will one day answer as to which we chose to believe. The book of Matthew 7:21-23 tells us of those who will not make it into heaven. There are those who profess to have known the Lord and done many wonderful things in His name, but Jesus will say he never knew them.  Look for my book “Learning the ABC’s; Apologetics, the Bible, and Creation” at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sources. It represents thousands of hours of my research and spans 45 years of study.


                                                        I’M NOT A THEISTIC EVOLUTIONIST

I’ve been asked why I’m not a theistic evolutionist.  A theistic evolutionist is a Christian who believes that God is the Creator, but used billions of years of Evolution as His tool to do so. They feel that those of us who believe in a literal six-day creation period are not very scientific.  Let me explain why their evolutionary opinion does not stand up to Christian Biblical principles.  They say that man, in the beginning of life, originated from non-living materials that somehow came to life then evolved from one thing to another until we look like we do, today.  First, the Bible tells us that we were created in the image of God.  God was not a pile of goo?  Theistic evolutionists call themselves Christian believers, but I must ask, “what is it that they believe, and what do they base it on?”  Certainly, not the Bible, Jesus, the Bible writers, or the Apostles.  These all maintain a literal six-day creation.  Jesus said that if we can’t believe the writings of Moses, which includes all of Genesis, then we won’t believe His words either.  Jesus believed Genesis as written.  Was He wrong?  Jeremiah 32:17 tells us that God created the heavens and earth with His great power, and that nothing is too hard for Him.  Why would God then use the pitifully poor method of Evolution as his tool to create life?  Evolution teaches that all things evolved slowly over billions of years by accidental mutations within our genes.  I’ve asked these people if they believe that God is going to create a new heaven and a new earth one day, and that we will be allowed to live there.  They almost always answer yes.  I then ask if God’s going to use the same process as evolution over billions of years to build the new heavens and earth.  In other words, do we have to sit around a billion years or so waiting for a planet to live on?  Almost all opt for God building the new heavens and earth quickly. Think of it. If God can create a new heaven and a new earth immediately, then what makes them think He couldn’t have done it in the beginning?  Why limit God’s power to having to use an extremely cruel “survival of the fittest” system to build?  Think of all the trillions of accidental transformations that evolution says had to happen in order to create all living things over billions of years.  When God pronounced all things to be very good, after Creation was over, was death and disease part of that very good?  It had to be, if Evolution is correct.  Evolutionists believe death and disease would have been here millions of years before mankind finally evolved onto the scene.  Was God wrong?  Were things not very good and He missed it?  Death and disease then could not be the result of sin by man as the Bible dictates.  If death was not the result of sin, then why did Jesus have to die.  Our Bible says He died because of the sins of mankind to give us a chance at a new life in heaven.  Jesus teaches that Adam and Eve sinned, and that He had to die because sin entered the world through them.  Was Jesus wrong?  These are a few of the reasons that I’m not a theistic evolutionist.  It’s noteworthy to recognize that even genetic research is now showing that mankind gains about 100-150 genetic mutations per generation, with each generation passing on mutations to the next.  Scientists quickly realized that there had to have been a time when mankind had to be free of all mutations; genetically pure.  Simple math told them that man has only been around for about 7-8,000 years; based on the known number of mutations in the average human.  Genetic research has also now shown we all descended from just one set of original parents.  This runs contrary to evolution stating different races evolved from different sets of monkeys, separated by as much as 100,000 years, and that some races were “lesser evolved”.  Darwin wholeheartedly believed in lesser evolved races of people, especially the black race.  Therefore, people enslaved the black race, and other so-called lesser evolved people.  We’re learning we all are of the same race, and that’s a proven fact from science.  The genetics (DNA) for each race was in that first parents; Adam and Eve.  Instead of science proving its point about evolution, Genetics is proving the Bible to be right, instead.  This is why I’m not a theistic Evolutionist but rather a Creationist. The evidence for God as Creator is overwhelming.


                                                               BIRDS OF A FEATHER

Charles Darwin began studying pigeons to explore the possibility of using them to explain and show evolution.  He feared that his Theory of Evolution would not be accepted because it ran contrary to the belief that God created the world.  This can be verified by the quote from the Natural History Museum of London: “Darwin was worried about how his theory of evolution would be received.  It challenged the widely-held belief that God created the world”.  Darwin hoped to show evolution in progress by cross-breeding as many kinds of pigeons that he could find.  Many said that Darwin’s work with pigeons gave clear proof for evolution.  He looked for specific features in each kind of known pigeon and crossed these features with other kinds of pigeons.  To his delight, he found that he could ‘manufacture’ a different variety of pigeon.  So much so, that ornithologists of his day were shocked.  To them, he seemed to have sped up ‘natural selection’ processes so necessary to prove that creatures evolved slowly over many millions of years.  Today, we know that man can crossbreed many types of animals to get different kinds of the same animal.  This is clearly seen mostly in dog varieties.  Other scientists soon wondered if he wasn’t right about evolution, and a theory was born.  Darwin’s theory took off.  Does this prove evolution?  Today we understand that the genes of many kinds of the same animals can be selected and used to create other varieties of the same animals.  Darwin had no concept of DNA, cellular structures, or genetics.  It wasn’t known in his day.  Genetics has proven to be a burr in the saddle for evolutionists.  The more we understand it, the more evolution is proven wrong.  Please note that Darwin never made a monkey out of any pigeon.  They remained pigeons, did they not?  Genesis chapter one tells us that all creatures remain stubbornly “to their own kind”.  A dog is a dog, a cat is a cat, a bird is a bird, and no dog is going to have a kitten, and no cat is going to give birth to a dog.  All the genetic information for each kind of animal needed to create multiple varieties of its kind was within that animal from the beginning.  Notice also, that Darwin selected which characteristics he wanted in each of his birds.  This is not ‘natural’ selection; it is intelligent selection, something evolution says is not part of evolution.  He became the ‘designer’ of what he wanted.  Design is also another foreign word for evolutionists. They do not believe in design in nature because it evokes a designer being needed. Evolution is believed to only act upon changes in food sources, habitat, nature, and so on.  What evolutionists do not see is that all those things only bring out the variety of kind best adapted to those changes.  This is due to the genetics within the kind, and each “kind” never changes to a different creature.  A dog remains a dog, and a cat remains a cat.  We get no birds from reptiles, as suggested by Charles Darwin, for example.  Darwin believed dinosaurs evolved into birds.  In his day, some believed that a dinosaur scratched itself so much that the skin shredded and feathers were the result.  This theory was once widely accepted by evolutionists.  This feather feature, supposedly, was then passed down to the next generations until dinosaurs eventually learned how to fly.  Today, we consider this to be nonsense.  If I were to lose an arm, does that mean all my children would be born without that arm?  Even if a dinosaur did scratch itself so much that a feather-like skin was produced, the dinosaur’s genetics wouldn’t allow that feather-like feature to be passed onto its children.  Darwin started with pigeons and ended with pigeons.  Now, that is truly a fact.  Look for us at evidenceforthehope.org. My book Learning the ABC’s; Apologetics, the Bible, and Creation should be about ready for purchase on the market. I’ve already received my first ten pre-copies. Look for it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and others.


                                                                     AND THE ‘WINNER’ IS

I love contests where the host announces “and the winner is…”  Here’s a contest that the Christians won.  It’s been held by some that the Temple of Solomon never existed; that it was a fictional place.  This view has been held (and taught) by higher education critics, as well as other critics of the Bible.  This is just one of the attacks against the Bible that millions of students had to suffer while in college or a university.  Consequently, nearly eighty percent of all young Christians attending a college or university will, per many statistics, lose their faith and never to return to the church.  A few years ago, a tiny ivory pomegranate was discovered, and has now been validated to be part of the staff of the high priest used in the Temple of Solomon.  That would be the temple the critics said never existed.  God is good.  However, that’s not all that’s been found.  Archaeologists were working in Khirbet Qeiyafa and discovered a miniature model of the Temple of Solomon.  It looks exactly like the Biblical description of the real temple.  To make matters worse for the critics of the Bible, a second miniaturized copy of the temple has also now been found.  These were dated back to the time that the temple still stood.  You can’t have an exact copy of something that never existed.  The Temple of Solomon can no longer be contested by the critics.  That’s not all that’s being found.  The Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement decided to convert a portion of the original temple grounds in Jerusalem (known as Solomon’s Stables) into an Islamic Mosque, despite the archaeological laws forbidding such digging.  They illegally removed 9,000 tons of archaeological-rich soil to a dump, thumbed their noses at the law, and built their mosque.  Archaeologists decided to sift through all 9,000 tons and look for ancient artifacts.  They found many.  One was a tiny bulla (an impression used to seal scrolls or letters) that belonged to “Lyahu son of Immer’.  The Immer family lived before and during the days of the prophet Jeremiah and were in control and care of the Temple of Solomon.  Two other seals were found a few years ago in the recently discovered palace of King David discovered in Jerusalem (the one critics maintained as fictional).  These belonged to Gedaliah son of Pashur, and Jucal son of Shelemiah (whom critics said were fictional). These are two of the four princes that threw Jeremiah into the miry pit, according to the book of Jeremiah.  Pashur is mentioned in the Bible as the son of…Immer.  Pashur is the one who punched (smote) Jeremiah in the mouth. What an amazing tie-in this is!  The same Immer family as on the recently found seal on the temple grounds. The Bible tells us this family held sway over Solomon’s Temple.  Since Lyahu, son of Immer, worked in the temple, one should expect to find his seal on temple grounds.  It was.  Since Gedaliah and Jucal were princes in Judah, one would expect to find their seals in the palace.  They were.  Pashur, as a son of Immer, ties the palace and the Temple together.  All these people lived during the days of Jeremiah.  There are more.  I’ve enjoyed watching one find after another proving the critics who berated people, places, and events in our Bible to be disproven, but am also saddened.  I’m aware of the statistics of how many tens of millions of young students have lost, and will eventually lose, their faith and leave the church because they’re unaware of the discoveries proving their Bible can be trusted.  This loss of students is totally preventable.  A good pastor would keep in touch with young parishioners while they are in college.  A great pastor is one who’d have someone designated in their church to learn Christian Apologetics (evidences for the Bible), and to keep in touch with young parishioners.  This person would also oversee teaching the whole congregation evidences.  If there are churches out there that would like to have me help in that, I am now available.  I’m an Assembly of God minister with a background in Apologetics. Look for us at evidenceforthehope.org     ( update note) when I first wrote this for the newspaper, they hadn’t discovered king David’s palace in Elah. It was discovered in 2016, and evidence for king Saul and his son Eshbaal was inside. Shortly before that, they found Goliath’s home of Gath and pottery with his name.